Accreditation Committees

San Diego Mesa College Accreditation Standards Self-Study Organization

Accreditation Liaison Officer: Elizabeth J. Armstrong, Vice President, Instruction


Standard I: Institutional Mission and Assessment of Effectiveness

Self Study Chair: Carolyn Buck, Articulation Officer

Standard Co-Chair: Chris Sullivan


Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

Self Study Chair: Yvonne Bergland, Dean, Instructional Services and Economic Development

Standard Co-Chairs, Instructional Programs - Georges Merx

Standard Co-Chairs, Student Support Services - Cathy Springs / Susan Schwarz

Standard Co-Chairs, Library and Learning Support Services - Jack Forman / Val Ontell


Standard III: Resources

Self Study Chair: Temma al-Mukhtar, Faculty Member and Department Chair, Allied Health

Standard Co-Chair, Human Resources - Anthony Reuss

Standard Co-Chair, Financial Resources - Susan Newel

Standard Co-Chair, Physical Resources - Robert Michaels / William Peters

Standard Co-Chair, Technological Resources - Roger Gee


Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

Self-Study Chair: Carolyn Buck, Articulation Officer

Standard Co-Chair: Chris Dawes