Facts to keep in mind when you consider hiring a qualified applicant with a disability:

  • Individuals with disabilities are CEO's, scientists, real estate agents, and teachers.
  • It is appealing to public consumer values and increases a company's marketability.
  • Studies in the U.S. and Canada estimate that 70% of employees with disabilities require no accommodations
  • Encourages spending within disabled consumer population.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to corporate responsibility by increasing workplace diversity
  • The safety record of employees with disabilities is virtually identical to that of non-disabled employees.
  • People with disabilities have no greater absenteeism rates than non-disabled employees.


Potential Financial Incentives:

Employers who hire individuals with disabilities may qualify for Work Opportunity Tax Credits. These are similar to Welfare-to-Work tax credits but they apply specifically to employees with a disclosed disability. Further information can be found on the EDD's website. In addition, tax credits are available to eligible small businesses for increasing accessibility or use of accommodations to assist disabled employees. Further information can be found at the Internal Revenue website.


Hiring a WorkAbility III College Student

We will work with your company to match reliable, skilled and qualified applicants with your employment needs. Send us your employment announcement and it will be shared among our staff of trained vocational specialists. We will provide eager and qualified applicants with the skills necessary to perform the essential and required functions of the job.


Post a job with WorkAbility III

We also provide comprehensive support and services to interested companies:

  • Job Retention

    By providing individualized support, WorkAbility III staff can assist students with job retention and positive performance evaluations which leads to less turnover and greater profitability.

  • Presentations & Consulting Services for Reasonable Accommodations

    Work Ability III staff may provide training seminars, consulting, and/or technical assistance to employers regarding the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and workplace modifications, free of charge.


Please contact the coordinator if you have any questions regarding our program or if you wish to receive any of the services listed above.

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