Dates & Deadlines

Important Deadlines

There are important deadlines which can be different for each class depending on when the class meets and the session start and end date. Important Deadlines include:

  • Deadline to Receive, Process & Pay for Add Codes
  • Deadline to Drop Classes with No "W" recorded.
  • Deadline to Drop & be Eligible for Refund of Enrollment Fees &/or Non- Resident Tuition
  • Deadline to select Pass/No Pass option
  • Withdrawal Deadline - No Drops Accepted After This Date

Make sure to review the deadlines for each of your classes.

Important Deadlines Fall 2019


Deadlines for specific classes can also be found in the online Summer 2019 Class Schedule. Click on the Calendar Icon next to the class that you are interested in viewing.  If your class does not fall within any of the sessions listed in Important Deadlines and you are unable to locate it in the Class Schedule, contact the Admissions Office for assistance.

NOTE: Processing of a permission number includes making full payment.  Financial Aid students must also process their financial aid payments, and pay the health fee (as applicable), through mySDCCD.  Note: CCPG does not pay for student health fees, with the exception of CCPG-A.

It is your responsibility to adhere to the deadlines. No late adds or drops will be processed.


Academic Semester Calendars

Semester Calendars


Academic Calendars


*(rev. 7/2019, added color to Saturdays in July and updated holiday key) 

**(rev. 7/2019, updated holiday key)