Phone Numbers

Directory Assistance: 619-388-6500

Note: All phone numbers below are in the 619 area code.

Department Point of Contact Phone Number
Board of Trustees Board meeting schedule, messages for trustees 388-6957
Business Services Accounts Payable 388-6554
Business Services Purchasing and Contracts 388-6562
Business & Technology Services Vice Chancellor 388-6975
Chancellor's Office Office of District CEO 388-6957
College Police Police Dispatch 388-6405
College Police Chief of Police 388-6411
College Police Parking 388-6416
Communications and
Public Relations
Director 388-6540
Communications and
Public Relations
District media relations, legislation 388-6914
Disability Support Programs and Services Special services & ADA accommodations for students with disabilities 388-6983
Economic & Career Development Tech Prep., VTEA, Apprenticeship Grants 388-6965
Facilities Management Buildings, architectural 388-6546
Facilities Management Vice Chancellor 388-6546
Human Resources/Employment Employment information, applications 388-6579
Facilities Services Maintenance, Custodians, Grounds 388-6422
Human Resources Employee benefits 388-6587
Human Resources Vice Chancellor 388-6589
Information Technology Director 388-6939
Instructional Services Curriculum, college catalogs & schedules 388-6963
Instructional Services Vice Chancellor 388-6965
Payroll Employees at District Office & District Service Center 388-6619
Payroll Employees at City College 388-6593
Payroll Employees at Mesa College 388-6594
Payroll Employees at Miramar College 388-6585
Payroll Employees at Continuing Education 388-6845
Research and Planning Institutional research 388-6941
Student Services Taped instructions for ordering transcripts 388-6925
Student Services Records, telephone registration management, student services policies, state reports 388-6924
Student Services Vice Chancellor 388-6922

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