Student Information

Student Information

mySDCCD portal is live

San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges and Continuing Education are excited to transition to a new student information system called mySDCCD.  Through a single point-of-entry, mySDCCD will consolidate all crucial student information on admissions, enrollment, financial aid, payment, counseling, records, and more.

Summer 2019 registration has begun and all activity for Summer and Fall 2019 should be completed in mySDCCD.  Any remaining activity for Spring 2019 (including transcripts) should be completed in Reg-e.

This is an important milestone as we transition to a new system to provide easier access and better service for students including:  

  • My Classes - Students can view their registration appointment, Enroll, Drop, Change grading basis to P/NP, Swap classes, view their class schedule, grades, and unofficial transcript.
  • My Finances - Go here to pay for classes, health fees and parking permits.  (Spring 2019 registration and payment is still in Reg-e)
  • My Success Path - Access your education plan, milestones (English and math skill levels) and your transfer credit report.
  • My To-Do-List - Make sure you resolve any pending items.

mySDCCD Version 2.0 Portal

For more information on mySDCCD please visit:

Thank you for your patience as we make this important upgrade in our technology and systems for students.

The mySDCCD portal requires the following for optimal use:

  • An up-to-date browser (Chrome 58+, Firefox 65+, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 10.x +)
  • ‘Pop-Ups’ enabled for our domain site:  “”

To ensure your browser or devices meet these requirements, go to mySDCCD Portal Guide for step by step instructions.  You can also contact the Student Support Center.

We are strongly encouraging all students to log into the new portal and access their account well in advance of your registration date and time, to make sure you do not have any issues with your devices that could delay registration.

  • May 3:            View your Summer Registration Date & Time on mySDCCD
  • May 20-24:     Summer Registration Appointments on mySDCCD
  • May 28:          Open Registration for summer
  • June 3:           Summer session begins
  • June 17:         Summer Primary 8-week session begins

To get access to the mySDCCD, students will need to create their mySDCCD account.  All students have been sent an email with instructions inviting them to create their mySDCCD account.  For instructions on how to create your mySDCCD account, please click here.

Please visit mySDCCD Support Hub for information on how to navigate the portal and be sure to follow us on Twitter @mySDCCD.

Other Instructional Guides

  • mySDCCD Basics
  • Viewing Financial Aid Communication
  • Viewing Financial Aid Awards
  • Viewing your To-Do items


Check your financial aid status in mysdccd

Don't wait in line!  Did you know you can view your financial aid awards on mySDCCD?  You can also view any additional steps (To-Do items) that you will need to complete in order to finish processing your financial aid.

To-Do Example

Your To-Do list will show any items that are pending for your financial aid or EOPS application.  

Students must complete these items in order to finish processing their financial aid application.  

Please note, the earlier you complete these items, the faster we can process your file.

Financial Aid Pagelet Screenshot

Your Financial Aid pagelet will show you what awards or waivers have already been applied to your account.  

Additionally you can check your College of Record, Financial Aid SAP status, Residency (In-State or Out of State), Cost of attendance and more.

Please continue to check this page as when your award has been posted, you will see it listed.  Students can also see awards for future semesters by clicking on the appropriate term.