Chancellor Search




July 26, 2023

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for the next chancellor of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD). The appointment of SDCCD’s next chancellor will shape the District’s future for years to come, and the Board is fully committed to conducting an equitable, inclusive, and transparent national search.

The Search Brochure, Application Process, Timeline, and other search related materials are posted on SDCCD’s Chancellor Search website. The closing date for applications is October 2, 2023, by midnight.  

Chancellor Search Brochure

Search Timeline

Search Committee

Application and Nomination Process


The Chancellor Search Committee will review the confidential applications, interview semifinalist candidates, and identify the final candidates.


The Search Committee will identify finalists in early November. All finalists will meet in person with key District groups, participate in open forums, and interview with the Board in November/early December. The exact dates, times, and locations will be provided once finalists are confirmed. Everyone throughout the District and community will be invited to attend the public forums with the final candidates. Feedback forms will be provided to all who attend, and the completed forms will be collected after each forum and given to the Board of Trustees and reviewed as part of the Board’s deliberation process.

The start date for the new chancellor will be negotiated between the Board and the selected Finalist. 


The Board has selected Academic Search to assist with the chancellor search process. Academic Search will recruit highly competitive candidates, work with the Chancellor Search Committee, and support the Board. Academic Search has conducted more than 2,200 executive searches and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our process. Dr. Gwendolyn G. Joseph and Kate V. Nolde will serve as our Academic Search consultants.

Our recruitment efforts will involve an open, comprehensive, national search, seeking diverse, equity-focused and competitive candidates from all regions of the state and country. Advertisements will also be placed in diverse publications and websites.


The Chancellor Search website will include information on all aspects of the search, both for the District and candidates. We will post information pertaining to the search, including regular progress reports, in the coming weeks.

We will continue to keep you updated on this important process. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to our Academic Search consultants:

Kate Nolde, Senior Consultant Academic Search:; (570) 419-3457
Gwen Joseph, Senior Consultant Academic Search:; (281) 889-9299

Maria Nieto Senour, Ph.D.
President, Board of Trustees

Application and Nomination Process

This is a confidential search process. The position will remain open until filled; however, to guarantee consideration, applications should be received by October 2, 2023. The start date is open to negotiation with the selected candidate. Academic Search is assisting SDCCD in this search. Applications and nominations should be sent to Applications must include, in three separate PDF attachments: 1. A letter of application (not to exceed 5 pages) that emphasizes the candidate’s strongest characteristics and experiences that demonstrate why/how the candidate is best suited to be the next Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District. The candidate is discouraged from attempting to cover every item in the Position Profile in their letter. 2. A current resume including an email address and cellular telephone number. 3. A list of eight references: for example - two to three supervisors, a labor leader, two to three direct reports, and two to three faculty and/or classified professionals from current and former institutions. Prospective candidates may arrange a confidential discussion about this opportunity with one of the Senior Consultants for the search, either Kate Nolde at or Gwendolyn G. Joseph, Ph.D. at


June 15, 2023 Board Meeting – Selection of Executive Search Firm

June 27, 2023

Search Committee Meeting #1 (Zoom)
EEO training from 10 am to 11:30 am
Orientation and review/edit the draft Chancellor Profile.

July 2023

Chancellor Profile posted on and Academic Search’s website Local, statewide and national recruitment commences 

Chancellor Profile

July 20, 2023 Board meeting – Chancellor Search Update #1
August 31, 2023 Board meeting – Chancellor Search Update #2
September 2023

Search Committee Meeting #2 (Zoom)
Review and finalization of interview questions and writing prompt

September 28, 2023 Board meeting – Chancellor Search Update #3
October 2, 2023 Target Date for Receipt of Applications (open until filled)
October 2-13, 2023 Search Committee members review confidential applications independently
October 16, 2023

Search Committee Meeting #3 (Zoom)
Discussion and selection of confidential semifinalist candidates (1 to 5 p.m.)

October 19, 2023

Board meeting – Chancellor Search Update #4

November 6 and 7, 2023

Search Committee Meeting #4 (In Person)
Confidential interview with semifinalists (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Committee deliberates and selects finalists to forward to the Board Sub-Committee for further vetting before names go public

November 13 through December 1, 2023

Final four candidates interview with the full Board of Trustees (Dates and times TBD)
Tour campuses, participate in open public forums, meet with direct reports
Board deliberation - Board selects first-choice candidate and finalizes details for site visit

Week of December 4, 2023

Members of the Board conduct a site visit to the first-choice candidate’s institution

January 2024

Board of Trustees announces next Chancellor of the San Diego Community College District

Start Date TBD

Start date is open to negotiation with the selected candidate


Name Position Representing Unit Location
Christy Scott Search Consultant - Non Voting Academic Search Consultant  
Kate Nolde Search Consultant - Non Voting Academic Search Consultant  
Gwen Joseph Search Consultant - Non Voting Academic Search Consultant  
Mary Graham Board Trustee - Non Voting Board of Trustees BOT District Office
Craig Milgrim Board Trustee - Non Voting Board of Trustees BOT District Office
Susan Topham VC of Educational Services Chancellor's Cabinet MGMT District Office
Wesley Lundburg College President Chancellor's Cabinet MGMT Miramar College
Tina King College President Chancellor's Cabinet MGMT College of Continuing Education
Lorie Howell Dean Management Association MGMT College of Continuing Education
Majeda Nasrawi Instructional Support Supervisor II Supervisory & Professional Association SPAA City College
Carmen Carrasquillo Jay English Contract Faculty Miramar Academic Senate FAC Miramar Collge
Richard Weinroth ESL Contract Faculty Continuing Education Academic Senate FAC College of Continuing Education
María‐José Zeledón‐Pérez Communication Studies Faculty City College
Academic Senate
FAC City College
Andrew Hoffman English Contract Faculty Mesa College
Academic Senate
FAC Mesa College
Temmy Najimy Adminstrative Assistant IV City College
Classified Senate
CLAS City College
Sahar King Adminstrative Assistant IV Mesa College
Classified Senate
CLAS Mesa College
Sean Young ILT - Auto Mechanics Miramar College
Classified Senate
CLAS Miramar College
Esther Anthony-Thomas Student Services Assistant Continuing Ed.
Classified Senate
CLAS College of Continuing Education
Stephen Rubio College Police Officer Police Officer Association Collective Bargaining Representative POA District Office
Jim Mahler AFT President  AFT Faculty Collective Bargaining Representative FAC City College
Danielle Short AFT In-House Counsel AFT Classified Collective Bargaining Representative Clas Mesa College
Jamey Murphy Executive Assistant to the VC, Finance & Business Services ACE Representative ACE

District Office

Margaret Lamb Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Chancellor's Office
Staff Member
ACE District Office
Ljubisa Kostic Legal Counsel  EEO Representative MGMT District Office
Namod Pallek Student Trustee Student Representative Student Miramar College
Lamont Jackson Superintendent of San Diego Unified School District K-12 Section K-12  
William Tong Vice Provost of San Diego State University Higher Education Sector Higher Ed  
Alberto Ochoa Trustee Advisory Council Trustee Advisory Council TAC