Privacy Statement

The San Diego Community College District is committed to protecting your privacy online. The purpose of this statement is to inform you of our policy in the collection of personal information that we may collect from you and how it is used by the SDCCD.

Personal information collected on the SDCCD website

The SDCCD website only collects personal information that is provided to us when you complete online forms such as the online application for admission, employment applications, alumni response forms, or requests for information to be sent to you.

Occasionally, visitors to our website may be asked to fill out a brief survey to be used for research purposes. In such a case, your information may be used to help us improve our website or for the institution's marketing and promotional purposes. Please be assured that it will be treated confidentially within the institution.

Sharing personal information

The SDCCD does not share, rent or sell personal, financial or health-related information to anyone and strictly adheres to all state and federal laws pertaining to privacy of records. Additionally, the SDCCD will not disclose personal information unless we have your written permission or are under court order to do so.

Other information

The SDCCD web server collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for system administration purposes, to track system usage, or for security purposes. These IP addresses are kept in a log file and are a normal part of the web server. An IP address only identifies a computer or, in the case of pooled IP addresses, one among a group of computers. Personal information is not available from an IP address. Additionally, this information would not be distributed or shared with a third party unless directed by court order.

About cookies

A cookie is a small data file sent from a website through your web browser and stored in your computer's hard drive. When you return to a website, the cookie informs the web server who you are and what your preferences are, thereby triggering the website to customize your browsing experience at that site. For example, if a site greets you by name with a "welcome back" message, that is accomplished by using a cookie. You must enable your browser to receive cookies.

Currently, we do not utilize "cookie" technology on the SDCCD website; however, should cookies be implemented in the future, they would only be used to help us enhance your online experience.