District vaccination requirement, salary updates

February 8, 2022 | San Diego Community College District

SDCCD Community,

This announcement addresses three important updates:
- Vaccination Booster Dose Requirement
- District Face Covering Requirement
- Salary Schedule Increases and One-Time Payment Dates

The District has been monitoring data and research on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccination against infection and serious illness from the different coronavirus variants. The data increasingly demonstrate booster doses of the available COVID-19 vaccines are necessary to maintain protection from infection and illness, especially from the omicron variant. San Diego County began reporting COVID-19 case rates for individuals who are not fully vaccinated, who are fully vaccinated, and who have received a booster dose in January. Throughout the peak of infections due to the omicron variant, individuals who have been fully vaccinated and received a booster dose are much less likely to be infected with COVID-19. You may review the County COVID-19 data here.

District Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”

Given the research findings and data, the District will update its definition of “fully vaccinated” to include booster doses when eligible, effective July 1, 2022. This means all employees, students, and individuals receiving services in-person within the District must get a booster dose when they are eligible to comply with the District’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Booster Dose Eligibility

The District follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for determining when an individual is eligible to receive a booster dose. You may find the most current information at the CDC website.

Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna: eligible to receive a booster dose five months after the 2nd dose

Johnson & Johnson: eligible to receive a booster dose two months after the single dose

Vaccination outside the United States: if you were vaccinated outside the U.S. with a World Health Organization-approved vaccination, you are eligible for a booster dose five months after the final dose in the primary vaccination series. If you receive a booster dose in the United States, you may choose either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccination for your booster dose.

Reporting Booster Doses

Human Resources is revising the process for employees to submit evidence of vaccination, including booster doses. Based on feedback we have received and complications identified with our current process, we will provide detailed instructions on the revised, simplified process later in the spring semester, well in advance of the July 1st due date. Please do not resubmit your vaccination documentation showing your booster dose at this time.

District Face Covering Requirement

On Tuesday, February 15, the California Department of Public Health order requiring all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face coverings while indoors in public spaces will expire. This will not change the District’s policy, which requires all individuals on District property to wear an acceptable face covering while indoors and while outdoors and within six feet of others. While individuals who are fully vaccinated may enter many public spaces without a face covering, the requirement will be in place for all District facilities and events throughout the spring semester.

Acceptable Face Coverings

The District’s definition of an acceptable face covering is based on the research on materials and coverings effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and Cal-OSHA requirements. As stated in the District’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan, face coverings means a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask, a respirator worn voluntarily (N95 mask), or a tightly woven fabric or non-woven material of at least two layers. A face covering has no visible holes or openings and must cover the nose and mouth. A face covering does not include a scarf, ski mask, balaclava, bandana, turtleneck, collar, or single layer of fabric.

All individuals must wear an acceptable face covering unless they are outdoors and physically distanced, in a vehicle alone, while eating or drinking, while performing duties which cannot be done safely while wearing a face covering, or while alone in a workspace. Face coverings are available at all District facilities for individuals who need one. If you would like a N95 mask, please let your supervisor know. Please ensure you are complying with this requirement at all times to avoid any potential discipline.

Salary Schedule Increases and One-Time Payment Dates

At its December 16, 2021 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved salary increases for all employees in agreement with the bargaining and meet-and-confer employee groups. The agreements provide all employees with a 2.535% increase to their salary schedule effective January 1, 2022. You may view your updated salary schedule here. The increase in salaries is funded by the COLA received by the District in the 2021-2022 state budget and recognizes the efforts of all employees to maintain and improve services to our students and communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The increases are included in your January paycheck.

In addition to the increase to the salary schedules effective January 1st, all employees who worked between July 1st and December 31st, 2021, and continue to be employed with the District in 2022, will receive a one-time, off-schedule payment with their March 31, 2022 or April 10, 2022 pay. The off-schedule payment will based on an employee’s earnings from July 1st through December 31st and provide a 2.535% increase to those earnings. For example, if an employee had $10,000 in eligible earnings from July 1st through December 31st, their off schedule payment would be $253.50 ($10,000 x 2.535%), less applicable federal and state taxes. You will be able to review the exact amount of your off schedule payment on your March paycheck statement by logging into PeopleSoft and going to the “My Pay” link within the Employee Dashboard.

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