Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services department consists of the following sub-departments:  Accounts Payable; Budget, General Accounting, Restricted Funds and Special Funds.
Fiscal Services is responsible for developing and maintaining the annual budget, which is developed in consultation with the Vice Presidents of Administrative Services, as well as the colleges leadership in a collaborative manner. An allocation model is used for the distribution of state apportionment revenue allocated to the District, which is then allocated to the colleges and other District operations.
The annual budget is developed with input from the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Budget Planning and Development Council, which is comprised of faculty, classified staff, and administrative leaders throughout the District. Once funds are distributed, the colleges and District administrative departments are responsible for the expenditure and monitoring of funds within the constraints of local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  Audits and fiscal controls are the responsibility of Fiscal Services. 


Accounts Payable

Manager, Rowena Rodriguez
Phone:  619-388-6762



Manager, Araceli Arreola-Bustamante
Phone:  619-388-6773


General Accounting

Manager, Courtney McClair
Phone:  619-388-6620


Restricted Funds

Manager, CoCo Bazemore
Phone:  619-388-6770


Special Funds

Manager, Michael Ledesma
Phone:  619-388-6674