Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

The Board of Trustees of San Diego Community College District’s (District) adopted the revised Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan on May 14, 2020. Please click the following link to view the complete Equal Employment Opportunity Plan.

The Plan reflects the District’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and promotes practices that are nondiscriminatory. The District’s goal is to create an environment that fosters diversity, promotes excellence, and is respectful to all. 

The Plan’s immediate focus is equal employment opportunity in its recruitment and hiring policies and practices pursuant to the applicable Title 5 regulations (Section 53000 et seq.). In addition, the Plan focuses on advancing diversity and cultural competency within the District.  The Plan includes:

  1. The requirements to comply with Title 5 regulations and provisions relating to equal employment opportunity programs;
  2. Establishment of equal employment opportunity and diversity committees;
  3. Methods to support equal employment opportunity; and
  4. Procedures for dissemination of the Plan.

To properly serve an increasingly diverse population, the District will endeavor to hire and retain faculty and staff who reflect, are sensitive to, and knowledgeable of the needs of the constantly changing student body it serves, as well as the diverse campus and District communities.