SDCCD Professional Learning Hub

What is the SDCCD Professional Learning Hub?

The SDCCD Professional Learning Hub is built on the Cornerstone platform, is the California community colleges’ online hub for learning and connecting. The content in place, and in development, is meant to support our work toward the Vision for Success goals. Professional Development training modules and events can be accessed and recorded within a user’s transcript, making tracking and reporting easier than ever. The main features of the SDCCD Professional Learning HubVision include:

  • LEARN - There are learning modules specific to the California Community Colleges reform work, and over 12,000 modules from LinkedIn Learning (now offering Lynda content) and Skillsoft to support broader professional development. “Essentials” pages provide overview information for the key topics at the heart of our reform work, such as Guided Pathways and Developmental Education Reform (AB 705), and help support system-wide understanding of these interrelated topics.
  • CONNECT - Within the virtual communities’ system professionals can connect with each other to share ideas and information or ask questions. Sharing resources, promising practices and lessons learned helps every college work more effectively toward the Vision for Success goals. Moderators within the system-wide communities will help answer questions and share important information.
  • CONVENE - A calendar lists upcoming professional development workshops and events available to all system professionals. Events will be added on an ongoing basis as they are confirmed.


Some of the additional features available to our District within Cornerstone include:

  • College Welcome Page - Upon logging in you will arrive at our home page first. There will be announcements, links, and other information most relevant to you.
  • Local Communities - We have the option to create communities for our college only. This could be for department collaboration, committee connection, or any group that wants a place to connect and share information and resources.
  • Local Events and Workshops on Calendar - We can add our own professional development and FLEX activities to the calendar. From there, college users can sign up for events and track them in their transcripts for hours reporting. There are also features to help us collect feedback on these events for continuous improvement.
  • Assign Training - Managers can assign development and/or compliance training to employees, including the California Community College modules.