Canvas Student Support

New update about logging into canvas (SSO)

Starting July 15th 2024, Canvas will begin using the District’s single sign on (SSO).

SSO means that students will be able to use their SDCCD Email to sign into Canvas. SSO is part of a multi-phase ITS implementation project to streamline technology integrations and to strengthen cyber security for students, faculty, and staff. 

Getting access to Canvas, student email, and Microsoft 365 is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Enroll in classes at San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar and/or College of Continuing Education
  2. Within a day you will receive an email inviting you to setup your M365/Student Email account
  3. Login using your mySDCCD password and then setup your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA): 

    You can choose to use the Microsoft Authenticator App

Or authenticate using Text Messaging:



Will mysdccd, Canvas, and student email use the same login? 

After July 15, 2024, Canvas and Office 365 will have the same login. MySDCCD has a planned SSO date of Winter 2025. 

With sso, how do we reset our password?

  • On a college computer: Once you are signed into a college computer, hit the Control-Alt-Delete buttons. This will bring up the following options: Lock, Switch users, Sign out, Change a password, Task Manager, or Cancel. Select Change a password. You will first be asked to enter your “Current password”, followed by your new password, and then also to confirm that new password. Additional MFA validation may also be required.
  • On the Microsoft 365 Portal: Once you have logged in at, click on the Settings icon in the upper-right corner, it looks like a circular gear. Click on "Change your password ->" in the Settings panel. You will first be asked to enter your “Old password”, followed by your new password, and then also to confirm that new password. Additional MFA validation may also be required.
  • Go to and "Report an IT Issue", or call the ITS Help Desk at 619-388-7000 to receive a temporary password directly from the IT department.

Where can students receive sso support? 

There are several resources for students. 


canvas support

For technical assistance, the Canvas helpdesk staff are standing by 24/7 to assist you.

Student Support Hotline: 844-612-7421


Finding Support Resources in Canvas

Screenshot of Canvas Navigational Menu.

You can locate the "Help" button on your Canvas Global Navigational Menu at the bottom. Once you select the Help Icon a list of Canvas Resources will appear containing all available Faculty and Student Support related assistance.

Student Support in Canvas

A screenshot of the Canvas Help options
  1. Guides and Resources available in the Canvas Guides will help troubleshoot technical issues in Canvas.
  2. Canvas Chat is a live messaging service where Faculty and Students alike can queue up to quickly chat with Canvas Help Desk Members.
  3. Direct assistance via the Canvas Phone Helpdesk is available 24/7.
  4. If your issue cannot be resolved by any of other options. Reporting a problem ticket will allow the next available Canvas Administrator troubleshoot the issue.

Login Issues

Login to Canvas:

SDCCD Canvas Login Page

Type your Username = 10-digit College Student Identification (ID number)
Type your Password = mmddyyyy (birthdate with no hyphens, slashes or spaces)

For example: 0009010101 (ID number)
                    06031980 (password for birthdate June 3, 1980)

In the event that you cannot reset your password or access your account you can contact Student Support: 1-844-612-7421

Assistance from the SDCCD Online Learning Pathways

If you require further assistance with your Canvas issue and cannot find or receive help through any of the other options you can contact the staff of the SDCCD Online Learning Pathways Department to schedule an appointment to go over your technical issues:

Please reach out to the Online Learning Pathways Instructional Design Supervisor, Liesl Boswell (