Urgent Requests

Facilities Call Center

All work requests are logged and tracked through a central Call Center. It is the communications hub of the Facilities Services Department. Work requests are initiated, dispatched, coordinated, and tracked through our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The Call Center staff handles all incoming calls, e-mails and walk-ins, CMMS, and is staffed from 7am through 4pm on week days. Inquiries on status of any work request can be obtained by contacting the Call Center.



The services we provide are:

Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash and recycling cans, restroom cleaning, shampooing carpets, stripping and waxing floors.

Custodial staff may prepare set ups for special campus events. Please remember that all set ups must be e-mailed to Facilities Call Center, entered on line or called into the Central Call Center at (619) 388-6422. Be sure to provide a 2-week lead time.

In case of emergencies you may call the campus Facilities office direct:

College Contact
City 619-388-3537
Mesa 619-388-2814
Miramar 619-388-7823
Cont. Ed. 619-388-4844



The Landscape personnel provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere essential for optimal educational benefits. Our staff is comprised of professionals who are responsible for the maintenance of all San Diego Community College campus landscapes.

Services Include:

  • Maintenance of passive turf, trees, shrubbery, and ground cover.
  • Maintain Joint-use Recreation areas as well as Athletic area turf.
  • Monitoring of Cal Sense (ET based) Irrigation systems to conserve water.
  • Incorporate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices to minimize use of Pesticide chemicals.



Building Maintenance and Equipment Repairs are essential to the SDCCD learning environment. The SDCCD maintenance and operations staff are journeyman level professionals who are committed to providing excellent service to our facilities. Building and Grounds also maintains service contracts for elevators districtwide.

Building and Grounds is comprised of the following shops:

  • General Maintenance Building tradespersons perform a myriad of services from rebuilding handicapped ramps to roof repairs.
  • Plumbing Shop - maintain and repair district plumbing and natural gas systems i.e. replaces faucets, sinks, water fountains, drains etc
  • Locksmith Shop - repair existing lock and door hardware
  • Painter Shop - Maintains paint requirements districtwide

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Electrical is comprised of the following shops:

  • Electrical Shop - Maintains all electrical distribution systems both high and low voltage
  • HVAC Shop - Maintains Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Our goal is to maintain room temperature within approved parameters.
  • NOTE: Temperatures ranging between 67 and 77 degrees are within the SDCCD’s approved service level agreement parameters.

Equipment Repair is comprised of the following shops:

  • Alarm Tech Shop - Installs and maintains alarm systems
  • Equipment Repair Shop - Repairs office, lab, facilities and trades equipment districtwide
  • Machinist Shop-Fabricates and assembles parts for district equipment and facilities. Repairs machinery
  • Vehicle Mechanic Shop - Repairs and maintains on and off road vehicles


Recycling and Rubbish Hauling

Facilities personnel will regularly empty the trash and recycling cans throughout the District. The cost of the District rubbish hauling is partially offset by the reclamation items from the recycling bins; therefore, taking items out of the recycling bins is prohibited. For a list of what can and can’t be recycled, see the following: Items for Recycling

  • Hazardous materials hauling processes vary by location. Please contact your local Facilities Representative at your campus/site.
  • Used battery recycling centers are located throughout the District. Please contact your local Facilities Representative for locations at your campus/site.
  • Toner cartridges should be sent back to the vendor using the return envelope supplied by the vendor. Processes vary by location; please contact you local Stockroom for details.
  • Other items to be recycled including but not limited to metal, wood, electronics, and rendering should be done by the department generating the recyclables. When doing so, please fill out one of the following sheets, Recycling Spreadsheet, and send the sheet along with the receipt to DSC Attn: Recycling Coordinator via District mail.
  • For other questions about recycling, please call the Call Center at (619) 388-6422, and ask for the Recycling Coordinator.
  • Some common recycling contact can be found at Recycling Contacts.

Thank you for your efforts towards recycling