Community Policing

Community Policing

The San Diego Community College Police Department is a community-oriented policing agency. We see ourselves as a part of the college community and strive to work with the college community to provide a safe learning environment for our students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbors.

We believe in problem solving to identify and address community concerns. We encourage community members to contact us on issues that concern their safety and threaten their quality of life. In turn, we will collaborate with them and with resources within and outside the District, empowering them to address, mitigate, alleviate, or ideally solve their dilemma.

We believe each member of the college community bears some responsibility for campus safety. To that end, we solicit information from community members and provide information and training so that community members may better deal with the challenges we, as a community, all face.

We believe in and foster partnerships. We work closely with campus safety committees, Student Affairs offices and Facility Services personnel. Externally we enjoy a working relationship with the San Diego Police Department, San Diego City Schools Police, and all local, County and national law enforcement agencies .

We strive to make our officers visible and approachable. Our officers patrol the campuses on foot, by bike and in marked patrol cars.

We epitomize transparency. We will share all that we legally can with the public providing it doesn’t jeopardize a criminal investigation or endanger the safety of individuals.

We value the concept of Procedural Justice in gaining legitimacy for law enforcement.  We will ensure all our officers are trained in embodying the 4 tenets of Procedural Justice as crime prevention tools – Listening, Fairness, Respectful treatment, and Trustworthiness.

We believe working together is a more effective way to deal with crime and disorder. If you are interested in gaining more information, contact us at any College Police substation office location or e-mail us at: