Community Benefits Agreement

As the SDCCD explores a future bond measure, the District Administration has evaluated the operational benefits of a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) on the effective and efficient management of large-scale construction projects, alignment with SDCCD's mission, and impact on local employment and investment of public funds.

The Board's Facilities and Sustainability Subcommittee directed that a resolution be drafted, asking the Chancellor to advance and successfully conclude negotiations with the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council on a draft CBA that will apply to future large-scale SDCCD construction projects associated with the contemplated bond measure.

The resolution was adopted at the August 31, 2023, Board of Trustees meeting. (See Agenda Item 10.01 or view the Board meeting discussion here, starting at 56:24)

On March 14, 2024, the Board approved the completed agreement. (See Agenda Item 15.01, or view the board meeting discussion here, starting at 1:39:04.)

Key Benefits of the CBA (View full agreement here)

  • CBA focused on provisioning jobs and apprenticeships for current and former SDCCD students:
    • Initial employment preference is given to residents in qualifying zip codes or veterans residing anywhere

    • 80% of craft hours to be performed by residents of San Diego County, dependents of active duty military, or current and former SDCCD students residing anywhere, inclusive of:

      • Former Foster Youth
      • Formerly incarcerated
      • Veterans
  • CBA focuses direct support of our apprentice programs and other related academic programs

  • Carve out possible for critical infrastructure and critical maintenance projects

  • All bids must receive a minimum of three qualified proposals; bids will be awarded to the lowest-cost responsible bidder

  • CBA supports enhanced prioritized safety