Staff Information


Campus Solutions is designed to replace the current legacy systems known as "ISIS" and "SAM" into a unified, integrated, and user-friendly solution.

Campus Solutions will enable:

  • Better sharing of records and information to enhance business processes
  • Stronger integration across modules and pillars (Campus Solutions, HCM, and Finance)
  • Modern, user friendly interface
  • Mobile friendly

With the added demands of modern technology, staff need a more robust system that will enable them to complete business processes without dependence upon programmer assistance. Campus Solutions provides staff with access to more information that will allow them to better serve students.

How will this affect my work?

As we transition to Campus Solutions for Summer 2019, we will communicate the cut-over strategy detailing what you need to know regarding the transition from Spring 2019 to Summer 2019.  There will be a time that users will have to navigate duel systems; our communication and change management team will communicate the cut-over plan to you in the coming months.  Please visit our News and Updates page for the latest information as we go-live for Summer 2019.

Patience is key

The Campus Solutions implementation is a very ambitious project that is taking 30+ years of hard work updating and enhancing our legacy systems to work with our current business processes.  While all effort is being made to ensure high level of service to our students, we are not able to maintain the level of service during go-live.  However, because of the Campus Solutions implementation, we will be able to provide services to students that was not possible in the past.