1. What steps do I take to have my transcripts evaluated?

    • Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended to the San Diego Community College District.  We accept electronic or mailed transcripts.  Please visit our Transcript Information site for detailed instructions. 

    • Once all your transcripts have been received by SDCCD, submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation to have your transcripts evaluated for your educational goal.

  2. How long does it take to have my transcripts evaluated before I can make a counseling appointment for educational planning?

    Please allow up to 90 business days (18 weeks) from the date your Request for Transcript Evaluation form is received by the District Office.  All transcripts must be on file for your records to be evaluated.  You will receive an automated email when your evaluation has been completed.

  3. How do I have my general education certified?

    Submit a General Education (GE) Certification Request form.  Note that San Diego State University and California State University, Long Beach no longer require that you send general education certification.  Visit our GE Certification site for deadlines and additional information.

  4. How do I know when my IGETC or CSU GE Breadth Certification has been sent?

    You will receive an automated email when your certification has been sent and an advising note with the institution name and date will be added to your mySDCCD student portal.  Visit our GE Certification site for processing timelines and additional information.

  5. How do I order a duplicate diploma/certificate?

    Submit a Request to Reissue Diploma form, which will be forwarded to your college Evaluations Office.

  6. When will I receive information regarding the graduation ceremony?

    Students who apply for graduation in their student portal by the posted deadlines will receive graduation ceremony information from their designated college during the spring semester.

  7. When is the graduation ceremony?

    Commencement ceremonies are held once a year, at the end of the spring semester.  Please visit our Graduation Information site for further details.

  8. How do I meet a prerequisite?

    To clear a prerequisite, submit the Proof of Prerequisites and Corequisites form or contact your college Counseling Office.  You must provide a transcript (does not need to be official) to show proof of having the prerequisite coursework.

  9. How do I get rid of my bad grades?

    The process to have substandard grades removed from GPA calculation is called academic renewal. The criteria for academic renewal can be found in the college catalogs.

    You must consult with a counselor prior to submitting a petition for Academic Renewal by Course Repetition or Academic Renewal without Course Repetition. By law, all grades will remain on your record; however, if approved, the substandard grade may be excluded from calculation in your grade point average (GPA).

  10. How do I order a transcript?

    Visit our Transcripts Ordering site if you need to request transcripts from the San Diego Community College District.