Human Resources Forms & Information

Below is an alphabetical listing of all Human Resources forms available online. Please select a letter if the form name is know, otherwise select expand all to see a full list. For the listing of paper forms please click "Offline Forms" below.

Offline Forms

Contact Human Resources to obtain the following forms:

  • Academic Hourly Time Report
  • Academic Substitute Hourly Time Recap
  • Academic Substitute Hourly Time Report
  • Extended Day Pay Authorizations
  • Facts About Workers Compensation
  • Miscellaneous Deductions
  • Monthly Timesheet Correction Request
  • New Hire Packet Checklist, Short-Term Hourly Non-Academic Employee
  • Non-Academic Hourly Time Report
  • Pay Schedule and Employment Rules, Short Term Hourly Non-Academic Employee
  • Physicians' Approval to Resume Normal Duties
  • San Diego Community College District Fundraiser for KSDS radio station
  • STRS – Acknowledgment of Receipt of Membership Information STRS Defined Benefit Plan
  • Student Employment Authorization
  • Tentative Assignment Offer – Temporary Adjunct Faculty
  • Tuberculosis Examination Notice, New Employees