District Governance Council


The District Governance Council (DGC) will serve as the districtwide communication, planning, and review forum on matters pertaining to major issues affecting the District.


The District Governance Council is a standing council comprised of students, faculty, and staff representatives from throughout the District. The council will meet to share information and review matters concerned with educational programs and services. The DGC shall not address matters which are negotiable (SB 160).

Specifically, the council will:

  1. Advise the Chancellor on the development and effects of policy implementation;
  2. Advise the Chancellor on matters referred to the council by the respective colleges or other college/District standing councils;
  3. Provide a forum for districtwide communication to ensure consistent, continuous reporting of information throughout the District; and
  4. Review and make recommendations on major issues, such as the annual District budget, long- range and strategic planning directions, educational and student services plans, and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels.

Responsibility and Authority

  1. Responsibilities
    1. To review and recommend items pending Board of Trustees' consideration and to advise the Chancellor relative to those matters contained therein.
    2. To receive information through periodic reports on major activities in progress such as development of new processes and services, policy review and development, and budget development.
      c. To identify “general issues” for discussion and follow up and/or formal assignment to staff and other committees.

  1. Authority
    1. The council may request appropriate college/District personnel to provide other services considered necessary to accomplish the functions and responsibilities described and assigned herein.
    2. The council may refer matters to the other college/District standing councils for their review and consideration.
    3. The council may refer matters of business back to the originating source for reconsideration and revision. In such cases, the council shall state the specific reasons for which referral is made, together with suggestions for revision, if any.


  1. The council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor or his/her designee to promote effective communication and participatory governance throughout the District. The Chancellor shall provide a recording secretary to the council.
  2. The council shall work cooperatively with other college/District standing councils/committees and such other agencies to carry out its prescribed functions and fulfill its prescribed responsibilities.


  1. The council is responsible to review with the Chancellor various reports or recommendations prior to their final development and submission to the Board of Trustees.
  2. The Chancellor is responsible for reporting to the Board of Trustees the substance and the nature of the business transacted.

meeting agendas and materials

An agenda is on the District's BoardDocs website. In the upper, right-hand corner of the BoardDocs toolbar header, you will see a drop down menu for other committees. From this select “District Governance Council” to go to the landing page for this committee, which will allow you to view the current DGC meeting agenda and archived agendas and minutes. You may also contact the Chancellor's Office at 619-388-6957.

Reference: Procedure 0020.6.

District Governance Council

Membership 2023-2024

Member Position Office
Greg Smith Chancellor, Council Chair District Office
Paul Alexander Academic Senate Designee City College
Jack Beresford Director, Communications and Public Relations District Office
Diego Bethea AS President and Student Trustee  City College
Victor Bocaya  Police Officers Association Representative   District Office 
Carmen Carrasquillo Academic Senate Designee Miramar College
Laurie Coskey Vice Chancellor, Development and Entrepreneurship District Office
John Crocitti Academic Senate Designee Mesa College
Ixchel Valencia Diaz AS President and Student Trustee Mesa College
Adriana Dos Santos Student Trustee College of Continuing Education
Michelle Fischthal Vice Chancellor, Institutional Innovation and Effectiveness District Office
Aimee Gallagher Acting Vice Chancellor, People, Culture, and Technology Services District Office
Saigel Ghotra AS President and Student Trustee Miramar College
Ashanti T. Hands President Mesa College
Andrew Hoffman Academic Senate President Mesa College
Sahar King
Classified Senate President
Mesa College
Tina M. King President College of Continuing Education
Neill Kovrig Classified Senate President College of Continuing Education
Malia Kunst Classified Senate President Miramar College
Nancy Lane Acting Vice Chancellor, Finance and Business Services District Office
P. Wesley Lundburg President Miramar College
Jim Mahler AFT Guild – Faculty Representative City College
Pablo Martin Academic Senate President Miramar College
Joel Peterson Vice Chancellor, Operations, Enterprise Services, and Facilities District Office
Sean Ryan Classified Senate President City College
Yvonne Schmeltz AFT Guild – Office Technical Representative City College
Ricky Shabazz President City College
Susan Topham Vice Chancellor, Educational Services District Office
Jessica Varnado-Swall Academic Senate Designee College of Continuing Education
Richard Weinroth Academic Senate President College of Continuing Education
Maria-Jose Zeledon-Perez Academic Senate President City College